STOP Venting & START Putting In WORK

The day you realize you’re not the center of everybody world you’ll stop taking everything people do personal. Everything isn’t because of you, people have LIFE going on too. No one is obligated to be there for your every moment because they have to be there for their self too. Expectation is one of the main roots of hurt and feeling some type of way about people. Don’t expect ANYTHING from anyone and you’ll save yourself a world of trouble and emotions. Granted you may do certain things and it’ll be great if those things were reciprocated but are you doing it from your heart or are you doing it for recognition and reciprocity? Unless it is the the exchange of money I honestly don’t expect a return on most of the things I do for people; but even in borrowing money I was taught if you can’t afford to lose it then don’t lend it. 

I’m the type of person that really just goes into a shell of reflection when I am troubled by things in my life. That shell doesn’t take me to a dark place but to a place that allows me to really analyze the events that took place prior to me being at that point, access it, and improve the person that I’ll be from that point on. I can’t afford to make the same mistake twice. How would talking and complaining about my issues to you help me realize what got me here and how I need to tighten up? Y’all seek advice for comfort and not for change and it puts you in a whirlpool. “When I needed somebody to talk to you weren’t there for me and that really hurt me!” Well after you spoke to me what the hell was I going to be able to help change in the situation? All that bitterness and anger about the situation is realeased into the universe after talking to me but it still will linger in your heart. Deal with your issues within yourself. That chip starts to shrink and your shoulder gets a whole lot lighter.

9 times out of 10 you “vented” and got advice about EVERYTHING already. How much more can advise do until you’re ready to work on it for real?! You’re sitting at home venting to your friends and your life is passing you by! You keep procrastinating over and over. “Well maybe I’ll break up with him next year… maybe I’ll work on everything after the holidays…” NO DO IT RIGHT NOW! YOUR LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY! They’ve been trying to work with you & they’re tired of your shit. YOU can do whatever YOU NEED to do to GROW & PROSPER. Go reflect and meditate, I’m sure it’ll help you. YOU SPEND ALL DAY ON THE PHONE ANYHOW! Why don’t you stop making phone calls and just help yourself for your future. All you gotta do is put the phone down and stop making calls. Why are you making it complicated? ITS E A S Y!!!!! 

Let’s make this the year of putting in work; on ourself, our dreams, our financial stability, and our education! STOP venting and START working! Use all the energy you’re turning into negativity and work with it for a positive outcome. Below I attached some tips/links to get you started. Let today begin a start of something new that will bring you to another level of thinking and healing. 

Meditation Tips for Beginners:

Burning Sage to cleanse your home/room:




*Other Option*

**Remember to have a window open or doorway open while doing the Sage cleanse. I learned the hard way trust me lol


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