The worst thing I ever did was fall in love with someone that wasn’t ready to love. You can’t teach or force someone to move forward with you. Sometimes we try so hard because we refuse to let go of our efforts and feelings. But the signs were all there from the beginning. We continue even after the “I’m not looking for a relationship” line. It’s like we spring into “Challenge Accepted” mode. And we won’t stop until we accomplish that mission. Defeating ourselves during this uphill battle. Thinking you’re the one that just might change this person from who they just blatantly told you they were. Putting ourself in a situation we know won’t be good for us. Pointing out the small things we know won’t justify the hurt we are preparing to put ourself through. Somehow feeling like we are superior to their initial thoughts and feelings. When you enter a situation there should be no proving you’re worthy for anyone. Before you pursue me you should see something that you’re interested in and date me to dig into that interest. And as we date I’ll learn things about you that either agree with my personality and energy or don’t. Being our true self so that there aren’t any surprises in the long run. People get involved with people  and put their self on a pedestal. As if the person should be honored that you decided to grace them with your attention and presence. But who the hell are you?


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