Dating Naked.

Imagine a dating world where we approached people of interest as our true self. The person that we knew ourself to be and not what the world wanted us to be? How often would we feel as though our time has been wasted by someone? The likelihood of feeling played and violated would slim down, wouldn’t it? What really forces us to remain clothe when meeting someone? Insecurities? If you’re unable to love yourself to approach as you are, is that person someone you feel is a challenge and causes you to put on a facade? TV shows like Catfish showcase people that believe they weren’t appealing enough to pursue someone as their true self on social media and as viewers people often laugh and make jokes of the situations. But we do the same things in our everyday life. Bending and reshaping depending on the person we’re dating or pursing. Looking into the interest of someone and focusing on that aspect of ourself to find a way in someone’s life. Hence the infamous, “what’s your type?” Question asked as people call their self trying to get to know you. When the show “Dating Naked” initially premiered I felt it was a bit extreme allowing someone to know you so intimately in a physical way. There’s no possible way to hide any insecurity you have with your body without a article of clothing. So how can we assure someone’s true self can’t be hidden? Because he didn’t change after sex he simply remained naked and you couldn’t recognize who you were laying next to anymore. He wasn’t the person you believed you allowed to remove your dress, unhook your bra and explore your insides. The whole time you were naked he was playing naked making you believe you all had connected just to leave you neglected and confused.


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