The Build Up

We often find ourselves stuck in this ruck and it’s not because we don’t know what we need to do to climb out of this emotional grave but because we allow our pride and egos to block our growth. Being someone that always struggled to express myself verbally I’m beginning to grow and learn that bottling things up won’t do anything but spoil your insides and leave you bitter. I refuse to be bitter when all it took was to express that hurt, betrayal, etc. I would write expressing things as giving people the satisfaction of a reaction or “he won’t know he hurt me!” But why shouldn’t he? Every situation won’t result in closure but if the door is there than kick that shit down. Your joy is on the other side! It’s time to stop being angry with the world and address who we’re really and truly angry at or hurt by. Behind every “Angry Black Woman” there’s a story of things that she never let out… things that she believed was a “her” problem and not for anyone else to help her through. Don’t continue the cycle. It’s time to break the cycle and stereotype of the angry black woman by simply taking the steps to have those conversations towards healing. It won’t be over night but it will feel better every step of the way. The other night I drove around the city with no where to go. Thinking I would drive into the answer but they never came… so I parked and sat there praying for an answer. And my hand continued to tap to that contact. And each time I exited back out I found myself back at the same contact. It was time to put on my big girl panties and press talk. But before I did I prayed and these words came to me… 

Just Press Talk

Decision were made

And things were said 

Whether it ends well or in turmoil 

Just press talk

Don’t talk to everyone else but the problem about the issue

Taking steps and strides towards healing won’t be for anyone but you. 

Don’t be afraid to put your anger and pride aside to avoid the bitter tongue in the long run

It’s easier to bite the bullet and say fuck you but all that’s doing is fucking me over 

There won’t be answers to all the questions but you’ll give and release everything you need to & assure your heart is clear

So just press talk and don’t punk out by hanging up

Just stop by and sit down and be adults 

Saying it’s over never ends things

Your heart is still connected 

Your souls are still tied

Press talk and start untying & undoing

All the pain both of you brought on to each other could stop if you just press talk


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