Just Wait!

Just wait..Wait to love 

Wait to express

Wait to engulf yourself 

And wait to engage
Engage in memory building 

Engage in sex

Engage in trust
Because she didn’t. 

Or maybe she did wait..

Just possibly not long enough 

There’s no timeline for love

But there’s also no timeline for healing

You wait anticipating to wake up and feel the wound has been restored back to its normal self 

Just waiting until you’re able to build yourself back up
So just wait in the beginning or you’ll live the rest of your life waiting 

Waiting on a pregnancy test

Waiting on a HIV test result

Waiting for your prescription to be filled

Waiting on death to finally come

Just living life in wait 

So let’s wait in the beginning…

Let’s wait to know and allow the darkness to become light

We won’t know who we’re with unless we wait

Rather wait as a whole than continue falling apart and rushing. 


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