Can’t Wait 2 Hate You

I can’t wait to hate you

You hurt me then I hate you

But somehow someway you’re able to do it again

Why do I allow this virus to continue to weaken me?

My body has become so used to your pain there’s no attempts of prevention

Contentment should never be okay but I stay because you’re here…

…and you’re still here 

and no matter how bad it gets 


You’re stupid! Fuck you! Leave me alone! But I’m still here and you’re still here…


Even though it’s never equal you want all of my attention

I can’t decode you

Should I stay… “I love you baby…”

Should I go…”fuck you bitch!”

It’s like riding a Rollercoaster through heaven and hell.

Just help me this one time…

Help me hate you… 

Stop the I love yous and the fuck yous on opposite day

Shit everyday we go bad I wish we just go our separate ways but it’s always back…

Back to I love you 

but I just can’t wait to hate you


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