‘Zoner Plea

The sweet nothings you whisper to me is always just that NOTHING

But still NO-THING can make me change the feelings that I have for you

I like you so much, I love you… 

You like me so much, you shove me

Shove me away from anything more,

More than friends…

You push me and I cringe

Cringe at your false romances and promises 

Loves looking you right in your face

But you keep yelling we’re just friends 

Well boy friend let me be your GIRLFRIEND 

And show you a world where our friendship will never end

Will you be mine and only mine?

Don’t share my gift with the world 

it would only depreciate it

And make me no longer appreciate it

Let’s love selfishly or you’re better off neglecting me

Back to my table… 

Friend Zone For 1 please


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